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Jodie is a 60s soul in a Millennials body.
Her musical influences range from Motown to New Wave, from 60s R&B to Soul. Soul music runs in her veins, frames her conversational lyrics and shines through in her parquet dance floor-ready productions. Her songs, though unmistakably mid-century, showcase a modern twist melodically that will make you want to dance.

Jodie grew up in Norfolk and has been writing since an early age. She studied at Access To Music In Norwich and at the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in London. In 2021 she released her debut single, Pushover which sold out in 24 hours on Original Gravity records - their fasting selling record to date.

Jodie is a regular attendee and familiar face in the UK Mod & Soul scene and Djs at these events which showcases her eclectic vinyl collection.

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